Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A new feature of the Honeywell LYNX L5200 and L7000 system

It has been a few weeks since we have said our goodbyes to the Honeywell LYNX L5100 system so we feel this is a good time to inform our readers about an awesome new feature that the 5200 and 7000 system’s bring to the table that the previous LYNX system’s couldn’t.
NIGHT-STAY Mode: Arms Perimeter Only, Plus Selected Zones
• Use NIGHT-STAY mode to provide increased security while staying inside.
• Arms same as STAY mode, but also arms pre selected interior sensors (programmed
by your installer), while other interior sensors are left disarmed.
• Persons entering later can enter through an entry/exit door but they must disarm
the system and must not violate any of the programmed interior zones to avoid
sounding an alarm.
• IMPORTANT: When NIGHT-STAY mode is on, the selected interior zones are
armed and cause an alarm if anyone enters those areas (e.g., waking in the middle
of the night). To avoid sounding an alarm, you must disarm the system before any
activity takes place in those interior zones.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Honeywell L5100 wireless security system has been discontinued

They say nothing lasts forever, well in this case its absolutely true. They Honeywell LYNX L5100 wireless security system has seen its final day. Honeywell has discontinued the manufacturing of the system for good. If you can remember there was a system released prior to the 5100 system known as the L5000 wireless system. Though the 5000 panel meant well there were quite a few knocks on the panel. The 5000 system had issues with the touchscreen calibration making it difficult for the consumer to navigate the interface, there were also hardware and software issues that would at times leave the system unusable. Then there was the release of the L5100 system which not only fixed the errors of the previous system but,  also changed the future of wireless security technology by adding the Honeywell L5100 Z-wave wireless home automation module. With this being said Geoarm security wishes the L5100 system a fond farewell.

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Friday, October 3, 2014

How to wire a Tg1 universal communicator

  • Push the two indentations on the bottom of the communicator with a tiny flat head screwdriver.
  •  Once communicator face plate is lifted off look on the bottom left of the communicator you should see 5 pins sticking up.
  •  Locate the blue bus that comes in the plastic rappers out of the box
  •   Looking at the front of the bus all the way to the right is your power “red” and to the immediate left of the power will be the area for the ground “black” to be wired.
  •   Run the wires through the back of the communicator and wire the power into its designated slot as well as the ground.
  •   Slide the bus onto the 5 pins again making sure the power is all the way to the right and the ground right next to it on the left.
  •  Run the phone cable through the back as well and make sure it slides into its designated area until it clicks
  •  Screw in the antenna and you all set!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

In honor of September 11, 2001

Today marks a day I think no American will ever forget 9/11. Geoarm Security would  like to take a moment to thank all of the people that were on the scene that day, the police departments, the fire departments, the people that lost their lives,  families who this tragic event effected , and the soldiers at war constantly protecting us. Most importantly I would like to appreciate the fact that when America gets hit with an event like this or a natural disaster us Americans always seem to find a way to come together and preserver through the tough times. God Bless America!!!! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Modern cellular alarm monitoring

It’s the 21st century and everything has evolved including wireless security systems and alarm monitoringservices. In the past older, outdated wireless security systems that used cellular communicators had some bad tendencies. They were infamous for picking up interference from other local security systems or electrical devices. This means the alarm systems could be triggered accidentally causing confusion and inconveniences for everyone. With the evolution of technology wireless security system and monitoring there are now no longer and interference issues with these types of alarm systems.
                This is excellent news for all the diyers out there! This makes everything so much easier when installing your wireless alarm system. You no longer have to worry about having a dedicated land line hooked directly into your alarm system. Not only is this more convenient for the install but, this also means that you no longer need to have a dedicated phone line just for you alarm system so you can save some money.
                Cellularalarm monitoring is becoming more and more popular these days not only for the reasons I listed above but, there are also a few more benefits of using cellular alarm monitoring services. Cellular alarm combined with a system from Geoarm Security you can add interactive services and have home automation. Interactive services are where you can arm and disarm your alarm system from you iPhone or ipad as long as your system is capable of supporting these features. Homeautomation is another feature which can be used in conjunction with your cellular monitored wireless security system. This feature is basically where you can open and close doors with the proper equipment; you can raise or lower the temp of your thermostat, and even open and close garage doors. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Honeywell's LYNX L5200 system

The Honeywell L5200 is one of the latest wireless alarmsystems to hit the market. The 5200 system is a lovely addition to Honeywell’s LYNX series wireless panels. This system has added many key features that will change the consumers notions about what a quality alarm system will offer from now on. Not only with the sleeker new look but, also the way the system connects with the consumer.

The 5200 system offers some of the same features as the 5100 system. Both of these systems offer a 4.7 inch touchscreen display with the same resolution and amount of colors that are offered. The 5100 system also, offer’s the same amount of zone capabilities 64 total zones, 48 of them programmable while 16 of them are designated for key fob zones. These two systems also have similarities in the ability to use z wave devices in conjunction with home automation services offered by alarmnet.

The L5200 wireless alarm system offers abilities and features that previous systems did not. Most importantly the l5200 system sets itself apart with its flash upgradable abilities. Geoarm thinks this is a magnificent addition to the LYNX series panels. This will allow the consumers the availability to have all of the new updates that Honeywell releases without needing a cable, or a technician to download the update which can take 3-12 hours to complete and would not allow the user to use interactive services. Most would say that this feature would be hard to match with its convenience factor but, Honeywell has surprised us again with the 5200’s ability to view a camera from the 4.7 inch display!

Geoarm security has paved the way for other DIY “do-it-together” companies out there and not only do we believe in the DIY concept but, we truly have merged into what we call a DIT “Do-It-TOGETHER” company because we truly are here for our clients and we don’t want you to do it alone we want to help you every step of the way! With that being said Geoarm has created numerous kits for the L5200 wireless security system, and we have made it so easy for you to locate the communication path that will suit you and your family best. Once you have decided on which communication path works best our kits make it very simple for you to add additional compatable items to your kit. From everyone here at Geoarm Security we wish you a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

GEOARM will create a video just for you!

Contact us:
Toll free : 1-877-443-6276

Friday, August 1, 2014

How to Program User Codes for DSC PC1616

We just received a phone call at the GEOARM'S help desk, the client needed assistance changing his user code on his DSC PC 1616. For anyone else that may need assistance with this don't worry GEOARM is here to help.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

This is a Public service announcement :

         Since online banking has been rapidly growing over these recent years so have people trying to scam you for your hard earned money.Here at GEOARM we want to make you aware of these so you don't get scammed. What these thieves are doing is sending texts that looks as if they are alerts from your bank asking you for your personal information or to reactivate your debit card by following a link on your smartphone. Do not reply to texts asking for personal financial information instead, contact organizations or banking institutions by calling a verified number.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Honeywell's L7000

             Honeywell has finally released its highly anticipated LYNX Touch L7000 alarm system! Just to emphasize how amazing this system is, The L7000 took best in show at Electronic Security expo this year. In many people’s eyes including GEOARM this could be one of the most superb systems ever created. This system was released shortly after Honeywell's L5200 system. While the L5200 is still an amazing system, there are some key differences in the abilities of these systems.

An intriguing feature of the L7000 is the display, it has been stretched to a whopping 7 inch’s that can support up to four cameras to be viewed on the actual keypad, while the L5200 can only support one camera on a 4.7 inch display. The L7000 is a perfect system for those with larger homes or business that require more zones. The L7000 comes with the availability to use up to 84 wireless zones while the L5200 has 64 wireless zones. Also, accompanying the L7000 system is the availability to store up to 48 user codes and increase from the L5200’s 32 user codes.

Though the L5200 is what will work perfectly for most people, The L7000 is a perfect system for those DIYers out there looking to maximize their alarm system experience, or for those who need the extra features the L7000 offers. Here at GEOARM we have all tools and resources for which ever system you decide to install. When installing these systems remember you can find our entire how to video collection on our website GEOARM.COM or by visiting our YOUTUBE page GEOARM.COM security.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

How to install and configure a Wifi device in a Honeywell L5200

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Programming Wireless 5853 GBD in Honeywell L5200

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How to program Wireless 5834 Keyfob in L5200 panel

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Programming a Wireless 5828 Keypad into an L5200 Security System

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Programming a Honeywell 5816 contact into a Honeywell L5200 Panel

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Programming a Honeywell 5811 Contact in L5200 System

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How to program a Honeywell Wireless 5808W3 Smoke in L5200 Panel

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How to program A Honeywell 5800PIR-RES in L5200

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How to Install Z-wave on Honeywell L5200 Panel

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Differences Between L5100 and L5200 Security Systems

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Honeywell LYNX L7000 alarm system intriguing features

    The L7000 system supports up to 80 wireless zones ,  If you have a larger space which will require you to have more than 65 zones, than you would want to go with the L7000 system. An intriguing feature of the L7000 is the display has been stretched to a whopping 7 inch display that can support up to four cameras to be viewed on the actual display. For any questions or concerns please feel free to leave us a comment or reach us at GEOARM.COM

Monday, July 7, 2014

Tips for reducing the chance of a false alarms:

Train everyone with access to your home on how to disarm the system, how to contact the monitoring company and which code words are needed to cancel an alarm by phone.
Test your system at least monthly. Check backup batteries annually.
Keep motion detectors clear of debris such as spider webs and bugs. Make sure air drafts don't move curtains, plants or decorations. Check that protected doors and windows close correctly.
Alert GEOARM when you're out of town, change your contact information, have a remodeling project or a new pet (new systems factor in pets according to size).
Keep equipment in good repair and consider upgrading. Recently developed technology helps reduce the chances of false alarms by making them easier to use. Examples: disarming a system via text message, monitoring it by video or interacting with it via wireless key fob. 
For any questions of concerns please contact us by clicking for help

Thursday, July 3, 2014

From everyone here at the GEOARM security we want to wish you a very safe and happy Independence Day Weekend!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Make your existing Honeywell Vista alarm system home automation compatible with VAM !

"vam" It’s an easy-to-install device that connects to the ECP bus of existing VISTA systems and allows you to add Z-Wave enabled lifestyle solutions like HVAC, light control, locks and powered shades. The best part is that it’s the lowest cost retrofit solution available and it fully integrates with the security system and video cameras.  And, all of it can be controlled remotely using Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services.

  • Compatible with most new and existing VISTA systems

    Tuesday, July 1, 2014


    Unscrupulous door-to-door sales agents use a variety of approaches and pitches to get you to buy an alarm system and monitoring services. Here's what to look out for:
    • They may make a time-limited offer, and claim that you need to act now. For example, they may try to get you to sign a contract by telling you that the equipment is "free." More than likely, strings are attached. For example, to get your "free" alarm, you may have to sign a long-term and expensive system monitoring contract.
    • They may pressure their way into your home and then refuse to leave. It is not impolite or rude to tell a salesperson you're not interested. It's much easier — and safer — to say "no" on the doorstep than to try to get the salesperson to leave once they're inside. If a salesperson continues to pressure you after you've asked them to leave, call the police.
    • They may use scare tactics. For example, they may talk about a rash of supposed burglaries in your neighborhood.
    Some door-to-door sales agents target homeowners who have signs on their properties for security systems with other companies. In these cases:
    • The sales agents may state or imply that they are from your existing security company and that they're there to "upgrade" or "replace" your current security system. Once inside your home, however, they may install a new security system and have you sign papers that include a costly contract for the monitoring service.
    • They may claim your security company has gone out of business, that they've taken over the accounts, and that you have to buy new equipment and sign new contracts. If this happens, call your current monitoring company to confirm. Normally, you would be notified of a change like this by mail or telephone, not by an unannounced visit by a representative from another company.
    •  the FTC and your state Attorney General urge you to ask potential contractors for the following information. Use it to check out the alarm company with the appropriate authorities: your state Attorney General, local consumer protection agency, Better Business Bureau, and state licensing officials. If the salesperson is reluctant to give you this information, consider it a red flag and find another company to consider.
    • Contractor's name
    • Street address (no P.O. Box)
    • Telephone number
    • Contractor's license number
    • State that issued the license
    • Name under which the license is filed

    Thursday, June 26, 2014

    DSC Impassa Security System Features

  • Supports 64 wireless zones and 16 wireless keys (without using a zone slot)
  • Optional integrated HSPA (3G) cellular, internet or dual communicator
  • Cellular signal strength read-out to optimize placement
  • Built-in 2-way audio VOX and push-to-talk alarm communication via phone line and cellular
  • 2-way wireless support: -4 keypad, -4 sirens, – 16 wireless keys
  • Real time clock update using cellular/internet communicator
  • Remote firmware upgrade via cellular/internet
  • Easy wireless device enrollment process
  • Template programming
  • Full 32-character programmable labels
  • Enlarged keypad buttons
  • 5 programmable function keys
  • Individual FAP keys
  • 17 user codes
  • 500 event buffer
  • False alarm reduction features (CP-01)
  • Enlarged keypad buttons
  • Outdoor temperature display
  • Label Library


    A tip from GEOARM security

    There have been scams going around in medical alert systems. There have been promises of a "free" medical alert system, the scam targets seniors and caretakers by offering a system free of charge claiming a family member or friend has already paid for it. In most cases, seniors are asked to provide their bank account or credit information to "verify" their identity and as a result are charged a monthly $35 service fee. The free system never arrives and seniors are left with a difficult charge to get refunded. Always be weary about free offers that require personal information and always talk to the supposed friend or family member the caller claims paid for the free product of service!

    Wednesday, June 18, 2014

    How to Wire the Napco SLe-GSM Communicator

    How to Wire the Napco SLE-GSM communicator " StarLink" StarLink Communicator

    How to Delete Sensors on your DSC Impassa in Spanish

    How to Delete Sensors on your DSC Impassa "Spanish" GEOARM.COM

    How to Check Trouble Events DSC Impassa Security System

    How to Check Trouble Events DSC Impassa Security System. Visit our site for more information!!!

    How to Program User Codes into your DSC Impassa Security System

    How to program user codes into your DSC Impassa security system. How to program user codes into your DSC Impassa

    How to Program Wireless Door and Window Contact into DSC Impassa

    Watch our 2 minute video on how to program a wireless door and windown contact! If your looking to purchase a DSC Impassa system or want to check out our site go to

    How to Program a DSC Wireless Motion into a DSC Impassa Security System

    How to program a DSC wireless motion sensor into a DSC Impassa Security System. If your looking for this system to purchase please visit our site!

    How to Wire a DSC Impassa "English"

    Watch Our 2 minute video on How To Wire A DSC Impassa system free video! If you are looking for this system for purchase visit our website How To Wire A DSC Impassa system

    How to Program a DSC Wireless Motion into a DSC Impassa in "Spanish"

    Watch this 2 minute video above to quickly learn how to wire your DSC Impassa wireless security system in Spanish. If you dont currently have a DSC Impassa and are interested in purchasing one go here;DSC Wireless Security Kits by GEOARM 

    Tuesday, June 10, 2014

    Honeywell L5200 Wireless Security System is Now Released by GEOARM!!!

    The highly anticipated launch of the new Honeywell L5200 wireless security system has begun. GEOARM will has the new kits L5200 LYNX Touch kits available for purchase for the avid do-it-yourselfer.

    Product Description of the LYNX Touch L2000:
    Honeywell’s LYNX Touch 5200 all-in-one home and business control system is packed with features that help dealers enhance the user experience and improve operational efficiency! Consumers can now view a single indoor or outdoor IP camera right on the panel’s 4.7” touchscreen—letting dealers provide an economical video viewing solution and add tremendous value to their offering. Using the Honeywell LYNX Connect app, users can view a live video feed and control their systems from an iOS or Android™ device anywhere on premises.
    LYNX Touch 5200 also features two-way voice over Wi-Fi—an industry first. It dramatically lowers your operational costs and installation time since there’s no need to connect a wire from the control panel to the communications router.
    It adds a smarter dimension to the connected lifestyle, with randomized lighting for heightened security, a sunrise/sunset feature that takes the hassle out of reprogramming the seasonality of dawn and dusk and an auto-secure function that lets users arm their systems when garage doors are open—helping to prevent false alarms.