Monday, July 7, 2014

Tips for reducing the chance of a false alarms:

Train everyone with access to your home on how to disarm the system, how to contact the monitoring company and which code words are needed to cancel an alarm by phone.
Test your system at least monthly. Check backup batteries annually.
Keep motion detectors clear of debris such as spider webs and bugs. Make sure air drafts don't move curtains, plants or decorations. Check that protected doors and windows close correctly.
Alert GEOARM when you're out of town, change your contact information, have a remodeling project or a new pet (new systems factor in pets according to size).
Keep equipment in good repair and consider upgrading. Recently developed technology helps reduce the chances of false alarms by making them easier to use. Examples: disarming a system via text message, monitoring it by video or interacting with it via wireless key fob. 
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