Thursday, July 17, 2014

Honeywell's L7000

             Honeywell has finally released its highly anticipated LYNX Touch L7000 alarm system! Just to emphasize how amazing this system is, The L7000 took best in show at Electronic Security expo this year. In many people’s eyes including GEOARM this could be one of the most superb systems ever created. This system was released shortly after Honeywell's L5200 system. While the L5200 is still an amazing system, there are some key differences in the abilities of these systems.

An intriguing feature of the L7000 is the display, it has been stretched to a whopping 7 inch’s that can support up to four cameras to be viewed on the actual keypad, while the L5200 can only support one camera on a 4.7 inch display. The L7000 is a perfect system for those with larger homes or business that require more zones. The L7000 comes with the availability to use up to 84 wireless zones while the L5200 has 64 wireless zones. Also, accompanying the L7000 system is the availability to store up to 48 user codes and increase from the L5200’s 32 user codes.

Though the L5200 is what will work perfectly for most people, The L7000 is a perfect system for those DIYers out there looking to maximize their alarm system experience, or for those who need the extra features the L7000 offers. Here at GEOARM we have all tools and resources for which ever system you decide to install. When installing these systems remember you can find our entire how to video collection on our website GEOARM.COM or by visiting our YOUTUBE page GEOARM.COM security.

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