Friday, February 13, 2015

How to Install the Backup Battery in a Honeywell L3000 Wireless Security System

 To begin installing the backup battery in your Honeywell LYNX plus L3000 wireless security system you are going to depress the two buttons on the top of your security system. Go ahead and place the system down very docile so you dont damage it. Take the backup battery place it in the designated area on the mounting plate. Make sure to loacate the wire through the slot and connect the battery by placing the prongs into the motherboard until it clips. Once your battery is in place take your mounting strip located in your manufactuer box along with the screw and place it into the are as shown on the video. Now you are all set , follow our YouTube page for all of the latest how to videos for your panel! For all of your alarm monitoring needs contact 1-877-443-6276 or CONTACT GEOARM SECURITY

How to Wire the Transformer to a Honeywell L3000 Wireless Security System

To begin you want to depress the two tabs at the top of the panel. Gently place the system down so that you don’t crack the screen.  You will need a 22 gauge by 2 wire or 18 gauge by 2 cut to the length from the panel to the outlet itself. You will see each side of the wire will be prepared in different ways. The side that is going to the transformer will have less of the conduit cut off but more of the actual red and black wire will be cut to expose more copper. Once you have the copper exposed you than want to hook both the red wire and the black wire to loop around the two screws located on the back of the transformer. On the other end of the conduit which will be wired behind the mounting plate, you want to expose more of the conduit and less of the copper so no copper is exposed.  Once the transformer has been wired go ahead and run the other end of the wire through the back of the mounting plate tie a knot so the wire does not try to pull itself out of the terminals. A fact about this Honeywell LYNX Plus panel is that it uses AC current not DC current so there is not polarity. When screwing the wires into the terminal be cautious not to screw in too hard because you are screwing a metal screw into a plastic terminal. The Honeywell LYNX Plus L3000 wireless security system is now wired you are ready to sign up for GEOARM professional monitoring!