Friday, February 13, 2015

How to Install the Backup Battery in a Honeywell L3000 Wireless Security System

 To begin installing the backup battery in your Honeywell LYNX plus L3000 wireless security system you are going to depress the two buttons on the top of your security system. Go ahead and place the system down very docile so you dont damage it. Take the backup battery place it in the designated area on the mounting plate. Make sure to loacate the wire through the slot and connect the battery by placing the prongs into the motherboard until it clips. Once your battery is in place take your mounting strip located in your manufactuer box along with the screw and place it into the are as shown on the video. Now you are all set , follow our YouTube page for all of the latest how to videos for your panel! For all of your alarm monitoring needs contact 1-877-443-6276 or CONTACT GEOARM SECURITY

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