Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A new feature of the Honeywell LYNX L5200 and L7000 system

It has been a few weeks since we have said our goodbyes to the Honeywell LYNX L5100 system so we feel this is a good time to inform our readers about an awesome new feature that the 5200 and 7000 system’s bring to the table that the previous LYNX system’s couldn’t.
NIGHT-STAY Mode: Arms Perimeter Only, Plus Selected Zones
• Use NIGHT-STAY mode to provide increased security while staying inside.
• Arms same as STAY mode, but also arms pre selected interior sensors (programmed
by your installer), while other interior sensors are left disarmed.
• Persons entering later can enter through an entry/exit door but they must disarm
the system and must not violate any of the programmed interior zones to avoid
sounding an alarm.
• IMPORTANT: When NIGHT-STAY mode is on, the selected interior zones are
armed and cause an alarm if anyone enters those areas (e.g., waking in the middle
of the night). To avoid sounding an alarm, you must disarm the system before any
activity takes place in those interior zones.

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