Friday, October 3, 2014

How to wire a Tg1 universal communicator

  • Push the two indentations on the bottom of the communicator with a tiny flat head screwdriver.
  •  Once communicator face plate is lifted off look on the bottom left of the communicator you should see 5 pins sticking up.
  •  Locate the blue bus that comes in the plastic rappers out of the box
  •   Looking at the front of the bus all the way to the right is your power “red” and to the immediate left of the power will be the area for the ground “black” to be wired.
  •   Run the wires through the back of the communicator and wire the power into its designated slot as well as the ground.
  •   Slide the bus onto the 5 pins again making sure the power is all the way to the right and the ground right next to it on the left.
  •  Run the phone cable through the back as well and make sure it slides into its designated area until it clicks
  •  Screw in the antenna and you all set!

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